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In the recently concluded first Cricket Test between India and New Zealand, Ravichandran Ashwin surpassed Harbhajan Singh's wicket tally to become 3rd highest test wicket taker for India. A towering achievement by any standards but it was a piece of advice that Ashwin received that got me hooked.

Coach Rahul Dravid's words of advice for Ashwin were-
"Ever since Rahul bhai has taken over, he's kept saying that how many ever wickets you take, how many ever run you make in 10 years time, you won't remember them. It's the memories that matter, so I want to have some special memories going forward in the next 3-4 years."

The keywords here- a) collect memories and not runs or wickets (or whatever equivalent in your profession) b) Consider chasing larger objectives rather than chasing instant gratification.

By simply reframing the goal, a good leader can inspire shift in priorities that lend a greater sense of purpose.

I learned this concept of Avoidance list while reading Alex Banayan's The Third Door, author's inspiring account on chasing and interviewing world's most successful people. In one of the chapters, Alex introduced how Warren Buffett prioritizes life. In simple steps:

1. Write a list of 25 things you want to accomplish in next 12 months.
2. If you could do only 5 of these 25 things in next 3 months, what would you choose ?
3. You now have 2 lists- "The Priority list" with 5 things and "The Avoidance list" with 20 things.

The key to achieving your top 5 priorities is to avoid other 20. As Alex summarizes Warren's method- "The Avoidance list is the secret to being world-class. Success is the result of prioritizing your desires."
Catch the summary in my #sketchnote.

What's the #prioritization method that has worked for you ? #prioritiesfirst

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