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More often than we acknowledge, the technologies that made its way into civilian life were originated via military tech or defense tech at large. The origin of technologies like digital camera, ambulances, duct tape to internet, drones etc. can be traced back to the defense world.

It's just not the technologies, even some of the outstanding people management practices can be traced back to defense. Some examples:
1. If you are a trainer in any of the defense establishment, it is considered as a source of pride and recognition. In fact, most of the trainings of new cadets are conducted by people who are current officers/leaders. It is quite contrary to corporate training practices where training is often offloaded to external players with lesser involvement from the leadership.

2. Years ago, i had applied for India Air Force Services Selection Board (SSB). I vividly recall at the end of 3 days of rigorous test, all the applicants were called in a big room where the results were announced. I wasn't selected but that's not the only thing i remember. The way they announced the rejections left an lasting impression on me. They first called out the names of popular celebrities who appeared in the SSB and weren't selected but still made it big in life. It was their way of encouraging rejected applicants, something we easily forget as a part of corporate hiring practices.

Thus, when i came across this book "Make Your Bed: Feel grounded and think positive in 10 simple steps" by US Navy Admiral William H. McRaven, i knew i had to pick up and read. And what a fascinating read it was!
I have included my key learnings from book in the sketchnote. Sharing 3 points that i loved:

1. Start your day off by making your bed. Life is hard and sometimes there is very little we can do to affect the outcome of the day.
Sometimes the simple act of making our bed can give us the lift we need to start our day.

2. Life is not supposed to be fair all the time. The sooner we learn this the better for us. It is easy to stop trying because you believe that fate is against you.

3. Those who live in the fear of failure or embarrassment will never see their full potential. Without pushing our limits, we would never know what is possible in life.

Would highly recommend reading it.

Do share in comments, which of these learnings resonated the most with you ?

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