Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Published: Why is Integrity foremost of Software Tester's skills ?

In the month of August 2010, Beyond Testing eMagazine was launched. This magazine is being hailed as India's first Software Testing magazine.

I too contributed to this magazine and my article- Why is Integrity foremost of Software Tester's skills ? got published here. It took a cue from one of my previous blog posts and came up with this piece.

Do go through this and let me know your comments.

As for the magazine, i must say its an honest attempt by the editorial board to launch this. I think the biggest challenge would be to sustain this for a longer time and also make the overall formatting and layout look even better and more professional that what it is currently. One (of many) good things that i found was that it was quite good content-wise and worth a read!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lessons Learned from Leadership Summit

Last week, on 5th-Aug, i got an invitation to attend Silicon India's Leadership Summit at Bangalore. Overall,it was an amazing event. What else could it be when you have VPs and India Heads of companies like Microsoft, Dell, McAfee, Citrix, Intuit, NetApp, Mindtree, Yahoo, Tejas Networks in front of you for whole day educating you with Leadership as they percieve it, as they have experienced it first hand.
I feel blessed to be a part of this event and would like to share my learnings through this medium.

My learnings from this wonderful event are documented at this location .

Some of my favorite quotes from the Summit:

- If you have not failed, then you are not a leader.

- One of the key things for a leader is to build the consensus.

- Good leaders create vision by inclusion- including all the people involved.

- Best way to develop people is to challenge them.

- There can be 99 reasons why something could not be done. It takes positive thinking to find that 1 elusive reason on why that very thing should be done.

- If you don’t take risk, you are stagnant. And if you are stagnant, you are not going linear but falling back literally.

- A lot of times success and failures in career is because of what opportunity one picks up. Great leaders grab the opportunity when they find it.

- Be genuine and be visible- Don’t be arrogant or boastful but be visible and market yourself and your achievement in a right manner.

- Passion is absolute commitment to something you want to achieve.

- Leaders execute well.

- It is very important for the leaders to lead self before leading others.

- Expect and help your talented people to outgrow. The million dollar question is- Can you work for your subordinate in future ?

- Leaders look for opportunity when things are worse. Leaders need to demand results but also show empathy and look to achieve a bigger cause.

With due respect to all the speakers, i have included my honest comments in the document location above. If you find my dislike for a few sessions, please treat those as my views alone.

Do find time to go through the learnings! Awaiting your thoughts!