Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sketch-note: Citrix's Q2 2017 Financial Results

I do believe that note-taking is an underrated skill and doesn't get as much importance as it deserves. In context of most work related situations, we are bombarded with sea of information and are often left to try and make sense of it. Embracing efficient ways to take notes helps us deal with the information overload in many ways-
1. It helps us visually represent information.
2. When the information is available in front of us visually, it adds to the overall clarity of thoughts.
3. In absence of notes, the information floats around in mind leading to less overall recall when needed.

Of late I have been experimenting with the alternate approaches to note-taking. One of the approaches that i found useful and creative was the sketch-notes. The beautiful thing about sketch-notes is that it goes beyond just words and adds a lot of visual elements that helps to simplify the process of comprehending notes.
I went through a bit of learning process around getting comfortable with sketch-noting. I don't think i am an expert yet, far from it actually but would really want to share a few of my attempts in the upcoming blogs.
Here's is the first one below that represents that Q2 2017 financial results of Citrix.

Did you find it useful ? Watch out for more in the near future.