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I came across a study conducted by Sophie Leroy, a professor at University of Minnesota in the book- "Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World". The results revealed something that shouldn't be surprising- Multitasking does not equal productivity. Through a series of experiments, Sophie demonstrated that when we move from one task to another, our attention stays attached to the first activity, and only partially focused on the second, which negatively impacts our performance.

The book further suggests different ways to achieve undistracted, focused work. J.K Rowling while finishing her last Harry Potter book, stayed at a 5 star hotel to prevent distractions prevalent at home environment. This is an example of monastic approach. Monastic approach isn't possible at work where you need to collaborate constantly with colleagues. What might be more applicable at work is something called as rhythmic approach, where you inculcate the habit of doing Deep Work for a set period and then attend to other priorities.

Amantha Imber in her Harvard Business Review article "What Super Productive People Do Differently" shares some tips that quite resonated with me. One of the suggestions she shares is to Batch Your Meetings. The idea is that you only look at your inbox two to three times a day or pause notifications for a period of time or schedule meetings in batches so that you can focus on work without distractions.

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One of the tips that i found refreshing to read was- "Avoid using the mouse", which is based on the premise that- most people lose an average of two seconds per minute of work by using their mouse instead of keyboard shortcuts. That’s eight days a year!

What are some of the #productivity hacks that have worked for you ? Do share in comments.

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