Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Introduction to Drone Tech

 I have been associated with a volunteer group known as techBLEND. It is a group of passionate technologists. techBLEND primarily works on below principles:

Build thought leadership in technology space

Listening about other technologies and experience of the speaker in that technology space helps in widening the horizon. And hence helps in building thought leadership in technology space. It could also be possible that what I learn in other areas of work could also be applied in my area of work. More like cross-pollination.

Become better speaker

Keynote speaker, discussion moderator, or members would learn a thing or two about public speaking skills while talking and discussing technologies in a diverse group of people whom they don’t know from their area of work.

Break monotony

We know prolonged working in an area of work becomes monotonous at times. Just a weekly discussion in some other area of work freshens up the person and breaks the monotony. And it could be also possible that other areas of work might interest that person so much, that he/she goes deeper into it and eventually switches the area of work.

More details:

I had picked up a topic of deciphering the Drone Technology in one of the sessions. If there is more interest among the readers of this blog, i can share a long post.

Till then, sharing the deck that i presented. Hope you find it informative.

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