Tuesday, December 21, 2021


 In a podcast i was recently listening to Raghu Raman (former Captain of Indian Army) narrated an incident that quite stayed with me-

During his early days at Indian Army, once there was a General coming for briefing. His unit CEO suddenly looked at him and said- "You are going to conduct the briefing." Being quite inexperienced, he started palpitating and was stressed as the time was short and the fact that situation could explode if he messed up. He went through the intense preparation cycle and just before the presentation was about to begin his CEO indicated to him to sit down and he started the presentation.

Raghu could have thought- "Why the hell did the CEO put him through that shit?" But that was the mentorship. He actually put Raghu through the palpitations that are going to happen in the high risk presentation without actually the risk of doing that. So that next time he had to do it, he would be prepared for it.

Raghu said my CEO could have conveyed "'I will do the presentation and you help me.', in which case I would not have been completely invested. But the moment he asked me, I became invested personally and used that opportunity to train me on that."

Teaching doesn't mean giving only lectures, it means how the lessons can be imparted effectively. Every great leader is a great teacher, and the greatest leaders are intentional about seizing every opportunity to teach well.

These are the leaders we remember for long. What are the other traits of effective leaders ? Vala Afshar in his tweet https://bit.ly/38VTWCD shares some wonderful points that i have included in my sketchnote.

When was the last time you taught something or learned a valuable lesson ? Please do share.

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