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In his book-'Only the Paranoid Survive', the former Intel CEO, Andy Grove mentions this memorable anecdote:

Andy Grove and Robert Noyce were at the office late one night discussing how to deal with Japanese firm's thread to their D-RAM business and they were talking to each other.

- Andy says to Robert: Wow we got a problem!
- Robert says we sure do.
- Andy asks- If Board says we would get the new guys to solve this problem, what would the new guys do.
- Robert says Oh that’s easy, they will get us out of the D-RAM business.
- So Andy Grove says, Yes why don't we do that before these other guys get in.

What happened next is history. Intel shunned the D-RAM business and got into microprocessor business, leading to one of the most outstanding business turnarounds.

Andy’s question about “what would new guys do” is quite profound because it reflects that Andy was more willing to be a beginner again. Embracing Beginner's mindset is one of the key principles to possess in #ProductManagement

I got reminded of this story while reading one of the finely crafted '15 Principles of Product Work', absolute pearls of wisdom by Shreyas Doshi. Catch the complete thread here-

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