Saturday, December 25, 2021



In 1948, Edwin Land invented the Polaroid Camera. It was a revolutionary moment for photography. This invention provided an alternative to people who found it cumbersome to take their film to a darkroom for development before they could see the pictures. A Polaroid camera could magically deliver instant photos.

The origins of this invention lies in a question that was asked by Edwin's daughter. During their vacation, Edwin took a picture and his daughter asked- why couldn't she see the picture right-away. She wasn't quite impressed by a technical response given by Edwin, and neither was he. With this started Edwin's quest to discover what was later called as a Polaroid camera.

Asking questions ignites our creativity and brings new ideas to life. Active questioning (Both "Why" and "Why not" questions) are not just at the foundation of great innovations but are also instrumental in us leading great lives.

In this regard, i found this twitter thread quite inspirational. Blake Burge puts forward a few life-changing questions that makes us think. I enjoyed sketching these as well as contemplating about these.

Which of these questions resonate with you ? What else would you add to this list ? #questioning

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