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In my last post ( I shared the concept of 10X Rule from Grant Cardone's book. The essence of 10X rule can be understood from this equation-
10X Rule = 10X Goals + 10X Actions

It has to be a worthy marriage of goals and actions that drives progress. It doesn't take any special knowledge to comprehend that vision without execution is a daydream.

I recall from one of the podcasts where Nandan Nilekani shared his insights on Thinker-Doer continuum. In a world obsessed with ideas, execution often does not get as much spotlight as it should. Nandan says-
"If you do just thinking without execution, then you become just a futurist. You would simply be writing articles.
You also have to ask- what does that mean in my actions today?
I toggle between thinker-doer thing. I have a thinker-doer toggle. I think about something, get it done and then go back to thinking. Thinker-doer thinks strategically and then do it.
Thinker-doer asks what can I do today to get there?"

Peter Thiel too captured the essence of 10X execution when he remarked in his interview with Tim Ferriss- “How can you achieve your 10 year plan in the next 6 months?”

The challenge then becomes- how can you get more done in less time? especially when all of us have same 24 hours at hand.

Amantha Imber in her HBR article "4 Ways to Get More Done in Less Time" shares some relatable ideas that are worthy to consider and inculcate in your daily routine. Few of them as under:

1. Align the work that requires your most intense brain power with your energy peaks.
2. Plan your day the night before.
3. Think about the main categories of work you do. Develop different rituals for different types of work.
4. A fully blocked day can give you a false sense of productivity. If your calendar looks full, deliberately schedule time to do nothing.

Catch the summary in my sketchnote.

What are your personal productivity hacks ? Please do share in comments.

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