Sunday, June 28, 2020


One of the first economic causalities of the ongoing pandemic was the cinemas which lost audience almost overnight. INOX, one of India’s largest multiplex chains chose to respond with a public letter ( expressing extreme displeasure at one of the production houses choosing to release first on OTT platform rather than a 'traditional' release. INOX's action reminded me of ignorance/arrogance shown by the likes of Blockbuster, Kodak. Nokia etc. before they were disrupted.

One more story- Harsha Bhogle, the ace cricket commentator recently shared a light-hearted tweet
"Hey @ashwinravi99 leave some conversations for us too!! I mean, we don't take your wickets, do we! "

This tweet was in reference to Cricket players turning as broadcasters and conducting interviews thereby disrupting trained media people like him.

The fact that the companies and the jobs are going to be disrupted is a given, but the question is- Is there a playbook that allows us to stay ahead of #disruption curves ?

In this context, i quite liked Whitney Johnson's book "Disrupt Yourself" in which she applies #disruptive innovation's S-Curve theory to career disruption.

#sketch summary below

What is your playbook to deal with #career #disruption ?


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