Sunday, June 28, 2020


It's been exactly a week since the news about the untimely demise of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput broke out. It remains to be proven whether #depression led to the his passing away but this tragedy has opened the conversation around the subject yet again.

Last year at Citrix Synergy I had the privilege of hearing Michael Phelps (23 Olympic Golds, the highest ever) speak about his mental health issues. He shared that he struggled with anxiety and it wasn't easy for him to admit that he wasn't perfect. But opening up took a huge weight off his back and made life easier.

One of the phrases that he used then stayed with me, it was "IT'S OK NOT TO BE OK".

I recently read through a book that i found apt on the subject of #mentalhealth , aptly titled "Reasons to stay alive". Have included my #sketch review (based on

Some nuggets from the book:
1. Depression makes you think things that are wrong. But depression itself isn’t a lie. It is the most real thing I’ve ever experienced.

2. Depression is not you. It is simply something that happens to you & something that can often be eased by talking.

3. Hang on in there. Life is always worth it.

What's your take on the subject of mental health ?



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