Sunday, June 28, 2020


Postman, an API development platform, was recently in news for achieving $2 billion+ valuation. It started as an open source tool that was meant to simplify API testing workflow, but now addresses the various phases of API life cycle.

Postman deservedly got a lot of press recently. Most of the articles that i read assumed that people knew what an API is.

How would you explain a technical term like #API to an non-Tech audience ?

Learning by and communicating with relevant analogies is an impactful way to pass on the message. Analogies foster learning by applying prior knowledge to new concepts.

As an example,here is an analogy (credit: Taija Bj√∂rklund) to explain what an #API is:

"If you go to restaurant as a customer, After looking at the menu, you make an order to a waiter, who passes it to the kitchen and who will then deliver what you have asked for."

How does that relate to an API? The waiter is the API. You are someone who is asking for service, the API consumer. The menu is the documentation which explains what you can ask for from the API. The kitchen is a server.

(more API analogies: & #sketchnote)

What are your strategies to #simplify & dejargonize your work areas ?


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