Sunday, June 28, 2020


An #insightful #story that i came across while reading the ageless book on #creativity- "A Whack on the Side of the Head":

Frank Morrow got his #business education while attending Graduate School of Business(Stanford) but not in the usual way. He says-
“I took all of the required courses in marketing,finance, accounting,but I learned more about business from a drawing course taught by the artist Nathan Olivera"

What Olivera taught was:

'All art is a series of recoveries from the first line. The hardest thing to do is to put down the first line. But you must.'

Thinking about it, exactly the same is true in business.

One can safely argue that the enlightenment occurs at the intersection of diverse industries, cultures, & disciplines.

We become richer in knowledge, comprehensive in building our point of views & more productive in idea generation only if choose to expose ourselves to different fields.

I recently read & liked David Perell tweet- on the subject where he diligently wrote one line #lessons from various fields, some of which i drew via the #sketchnote

My favorites:
Cooking- Your outputs are only as good as your inputs

Surgeons- When in stress, use a checklist

Which fields did you #learn most from ?


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