Sunday, June 28, 2020


Legendary Sunil Gavaskar made his Test Cricket debut in 1970-71 against the mighty West Indies. He didn't play the first test match and a player named Kenia Jayantilal made his debut. Kenia was rated higher than Gavaskar at that time. Kenia got to play one innings in that match and was caught out in slips when Garry Sobers took a stunning diving catch. As a result, Gavaskar got a chance in the 2nd match. While batting early on, he nicked the ball and that went straight again to Garry Sobers for an easy take but due to a momentary lack of concentration, he dropped it and Gavaskar survived & scored 2 half centuries in his debut & cemented his place. Recently, Gavaskar recalled his debut on a podcast with Gaurav Kapur & described the turn of events with one word- LUCK. He says- had Garry caught him, he might have never been selected again.

We normally are generous in recognizing our skills,abilities for success but we often do not give enough credit to the role luck plays in our career & our lives.

Can you really influence your luck?

I found the perspective shared by Vala Afshar in his tweet relevant to this question, included my #sketchnote summary.

Whats your take on #luck & the role it plays in #career #success ?


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