Sunday, July 26, 2020


Liverpool were recently crowned English Premier League (EPL) champions.
Disclaimer- I am not a regular follower of EPL but despite that the news of #Liverpool winning caught my imagination. Why ? The magnitude of this win.

In addition to winning EPL after 30 years, they created several records like winning with a 7 games to spare, overturning more goal-deficits this season than anyone in league's history etc.

My quest to learn more about this phenomenal victory led me to Viren Rasquinha's FB post (
Outlined some lessons (& sketchnote below):

-Never start a new journey with a fatalistic attitude.
-Forwards win you matches, defenders win you titles.
-Everyone has a role to play in a team sport.
-If a player dosen't have his heart in the fight, there is no point retaining him, no matter how important he is.
-No matter how good you are, you still have to out run and out fight your opponents
-Be patient and believe in the process
#Consistency is key
-Smart #recruitment
-The glue that holds everything together.

Tweak a few words here and there, and these are sound advice in virtually every walk of life.

Now try and reread the lessons keeping corporate world in mind.

What are your favorite #lessons from sporting world ?

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