Sunday, July 26, 2020


One of the most overused terms in the professional world (and rightly so!) and specifically in most career specific discussions is 'Strategic Thinking'.

What really is Strategic Thinking ? As the author Pearl Zhu puts it '“Strategic Thinking is about “Keeping the end in mind. It's a bridge between where you are and where you want to be.'
Other phrases it is normally associated with are-
'Bigger Picture perspective', 'Long Term thinking', 'Vision->Execution'.

While it is commonplace to hear a feedback like 'You need to be more strategic' and yet it is also way far from being close to anything actionable. How can you become more Strategic ? Are there any prescribed ways ?

I found this HBR article by Nina Bowman quite actionable in this regard.

Here are the 4 ways Nina suggests to embrace strategic thinking skills (and more in my #sketchnote summary)
1. Know: Observe and Seek Trends
2. Think: Ask the Tough #Questions
3. Speak: Sound Strategic
4. Act: Make Time for Thinking and Embrace Conflict
(Thanks Ramkumar Narayanan for sharing this article)

How do you prefer to grow your strategic thinking skills ?

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