Sunday, July 26, 2020


When Kapil Dev (legendary Indian Cricket allrounder) started his career, Indian bowling attack was dominated by spinners. He was an outlier as he could not only bowl fast but also swing the ball mightily. Recently,in an interview, he recalled when he went to an Under-19 camp,the official present mocked him when he described himself as a fast bowler. That comment made Kapil more determined & he vowed to himself to prove that guy wrong. This played out many times in his #career where he took on something to prove an misbelief about him wrong. Proving detractors wrong became his core #WHY.

Abhinav Bindra (India's sole Individual Gold medalist) in one of his articles says-
When he was a little boy, he was spurred on by seeing his name in the newspapers. Later it was about becoming an Olympian, which he achieved in Sydney. Then it was all about winning an Olympic medal, which happened in Beijing. Lastly it was about looking inward & perfecting his skill knowing that he could fully spend his talent.

What binds these 2 stories is that two superachievers built their careers fully knowing what drove them, their core #purpose, their core WHY.

What is it that drives you at work, today and everyday ? This knowledge is crucial because when 'Why is clear, the How is easy.'

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