Sunday, July 26, 2020


Legendary Ultra distance runner Dean Karnazes once said-
"Running always leaves you better than when you started. No matter how temporarily bruised your body is at the end of run, it's the spirit that's uplifted. Running great distances is a release,it's an outlet to what's brewing inside mind- good or bad."

One of the lessons i learned while running 75 km ultra-distance was "how to effectively start-all-over-again". If you are interested,do catch my experience here-
The fundamental point here is that endurance sports teaches you a lot, about the sport itself but more than that, about the business & life too.

My recent conversation with Atul Tuli revealed some great learnings from his experience while running Austria Ironman. Ironman is an extremely demanding event with 3.86 km swim,180 km cycling & 42.195 km run. His learnings, which i attempted to #sketchnote, can be read at:

In summary,the following matters in business as also in endurance sports:
1. #Purpose
2. Attitude
3. Competing with self to become better
4. Analyze & measure
5. Teamwork
6. Enjoying the journey
7. Being #Humble
8. Being Thankful

What are some of your #learnings from #sports that you see applicable in business? Please share.

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