Friday, April 2, 2021


 There was a time in Sourav Ganguly's career when he couldn't play bouncers well. He heads off to Australia to take coaching tips from Greg Chappell (yes, they were friends once!). Chappell reminds Ganguly that his strength is to get on the front foot & drive and that he was overly worried about the short ball. As he was afraid of the short ball, he was getting on the backfoot & surrendering his strength, which is getting on the front foot and drive. In essence, Ganguly got the message to be positive, play to his strengths. In 2003-04 tour of Australia with this mindset and scored a 100 at Brisbane.

In his book, 'Only the Paranoid Survives' Andy Groves narrates a story of when Intel had to cannibalize its own D-RAM business & pivot to microprocessors. It was personally a hard call for Andy as he had to let go of his prior knowledge, learn & lead the transformation. He took the challenge head-on, read, tonnes of stuff & more importantly, met the right experts to re-educate himself.

I am reminded of a quote which Simon Taufel once said "Breakdowns leads to Breakthroughs".
But it happens only if in the face of adversity like Ganguly and Andy, we are:
- Positive
- Willing to take help
- are fine with unlearning, relearning

What do you think ?

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