Friday, April 2, 2021


 One of the books that inspired me years back was 'The Medici Effect (What Elephants and Epidemics can Teach us about Innovation)'.

Medicis were the family from Florence, Italy who brought together the professionals from various fields like Architects, Engineers, Town Planners, Doctors, Writers etc. They helped form this community of progressive people with divergent views. The resultant amalgamation of ideas by this community is credited to have formed the genesis of Renaissance.

The moot point here is that if we allow the different fields to intersect, the magic happens.

In our day to day lives, we try to seek inspiration from our surroundings, from areas like sports, our hobbies and bring them back to our work.

Utkarsh Rai in his recent video takes the notion of Medici effect to a different level where brings about his lessons from Bollywood (he was the Country head of Infinera before making an unexpected switch to Bollywood) & applies them in the professional life.

The video brings about some great learnings that inspired me to draw the Sketchnote.

Loved this quote by Dr. Kevin Eschleman-
“less relevant the activity is to the person’s profession, the greater the impact on workplace performance”.
Do you agree ?

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