Sunday, April 25, 2021


 Clay Christensen once tried to improve the sales of milkshakes. He tried to make them sweeter,offered them in different tastes,& slightly increased the size of the cups. Nothing worked out, until he started observing the customers. He found out that the job the customers hired the milkshake for was in fact to make their morning car ride to work less boring. The big benefit a milkshake has is that it is a thick drink that lasts longer than any other drink and stuffs the stomach. This was the real problem; the customers had no idea about it. In the end Christensen came up with the solution to make the milkshake even thicker, which led to an increase in sales numbers. Source:

This story gives a glimpse into an astute product thinking mind, one attribute of which is: "Fall in love with a problem, not a specific solution“. And as Steve Jobs said: It’s not the customer’s job to know what they want“

What else does product thinking constitute ? This question is well answered by Julie Zhuo in this remarkable twitter thread Catch the summary in my sketchnote

My favorite part: The most important qualities in improving one's product thinking are:

What is your viewpoint ?

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