Friday, April 2, 2021


 A while back read this piece of #advice that Satya Nadela received in his 30s ( The advice made Satya realize that it is important to think about a deeper meaning to work.

He says-
“The technologies will all be passed in time, but the people, you behave … that’s the relationship that I think you seek out while being true to yourself,& what makes you happy.”

I am also reminded of India Cricket Captain Virat Kohli's letter to his younger self ( Entire letter is worth reading but I will call out these lines.

"You will fail. Everyone does. Just promise yourself that you will never forget to rise. And if at first, you don't, try again."

The words of wisdom we receive from different sources can have incalculable impact in our #careers, if we are open to receive & apply them.

What better source to hear the advice from the leaders who have tread the difficult path and achieved success. Sharing such nuggets of wisdom from leaders at Walmart , broadly categorized in these 4 areas:

1. Be open to change/growth
2. Be curious
3. Use others as teachers
4. Take some risks
Notes credit: Laura Berg

Read through the #sketchnote summary below.

What would be your advice to your younger self ?

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