Sunday, August 30, 2020


 One of the most successful Cricket Umpires of our times Simon Taufel in a recent podcast revealed an under-appreciated aspect of an cricket umpire's job. He said that umpires make 100s of decisions every ball and the job is not just about addressing the bowlers appeal. Decisions like- Is runner not taking unfair advantage,fielding restrictions being followed,anyone tampering with the ball,Where is the batsman standing... Good Umpires not just watch the ball, they watch the play and then start to package the things, leading to decisions.

I loved this thought and think that this metaphor of watching the play and not just the ball is so relevant in organizational context.

One of the core intrapreneurial trait is situational awareness. A situationally aware person understands organization's lay of land and develops a sense of its direction. Gap opportunities often come unannounced and people are able to take notice of these gaps are the ones who are most aware.
How can one raise situational #awareness ?
- Attend exec all hands
- Be curious about organization's positioning
- Read about company's financials
- Be intentional to listen to what #customers are saying
How else do you watch the play ? Please share.

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