Sunday, August 30, 2020


 MS Dhoni (among the best Cricket captains ever) recently retired from Intl Cricket. In one of his tributes, Greg Chappell (his first India coach) says he was amazed by Dhoni's ability to hit balls into parts of the field that others couldn’t.

Recognizing his immense tactical ability & speed, Greg wanted Dhoni to learn the skill of staying till the end & winning games consistently. That meant cutting the big shots that Dhoni liked. Dhoni seemed unconvinced of this initially but Greg challenged him in the next match to not hit the sixes, play down the ground and stay till the end. With India chasing 261 runs vs Sri Lanka, Dhoni did as indicated till the score was 256, then hit a big 6 to win the match. Post the match, he ran past Greg and said, ‘is that alright coach?’. Greg happily nodded.
Greg considered Dhoni as one of the most coachable player.

Coming to organizations, Coachability is such an underrated professional skill. To be coachable, you must always be looking to learn something new, from any resource at any level & see if that new piece of information can improve what you do or the way you do it.

Sharing some thoughts on Coachability from Simon Taufel's book- "Finding the Gap" (Highly recommended) via this Sketchnote.


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