Sunday, August 30, 2020


 The sport of Formula 1 is getting a tad unexciting with one racer-Lewis Hamilton dominating the scene like a very few have done in the history.

Last weekend while chasing his record-equalling 7th championship title, Hamilton won British Grand Prix. This win, though predictable, was far from being dull. Why ?

Because he won the race with a punctured tyre. In a sport where victory margins are in split seconds, this win was nothing short of a miracle.

Lewis credited his survival instincts in helping him manage this crisis like situation. He said-
"I think in the heat of the moment you have the adrenaline going. I'm guessing that fight for survival instinct comes out. I was able to stay calm and really measured.."

Crisis situations often comes unannounced. To gain a perspective on dealing with crisis, I found this podcast (here: between Pankaj Mishra & Ravi Venkatesan relevant.

Few thoughts that resonated with me:
1. Stockdale paradox: Embrace reality that you are in and plan for the worst but at the same time hoping for the best & staying optimistic

2. Lead with heart and head in these times

3. Seek #Opportunities Every organization can make something that can be leveraged during #crisis

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