Sunday, August 30, 2020


 Meb Keflezighi, in his book '26 Marathons', narrates a story of 2002 New York marathon. He came 9th with the timing of 2:12:35. Given that he was a professional runner, he was mighty upset with his performance. He had almost made up his mind to not participate in any of future full marathons. A couple of weeks after this, he went to his native country Eritrea where he grew up. He observed how hard the daily life was for most people there. Struggles to get water from wells miles away, searching for wood to build fires for cooking and much more. It gave him a new perspective in life, he came back, worked harder and won a silver medal in 2004 Olympics.

In most professional sports, taking a break is considered as an integral part of achieving peak #performance. Something that the corporate world/professionals can learn from and imbibe.

What are the other factors influencing #productivity at workplace? Probably many, but i quite liked the perspectives shared by Shreyas Doshi in his recent tweet where he mentions 4 worthy aspects of achieving productivity- Presence, Priority, Quality, Renewal.

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Please do share some #productivityhacks that worked for you.

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