Sunday, August 30, 2020


 The ongoing epidemic has seen us adjusting to the 'new normal'. Over a period of several months now, by and large, most professionals have reasonably figured out the routines that work for them.

The adjustment to the new way of working isn't limited to routines, it is also about embracing new modes of communication. This phase has also given birth to terms like 'Zoom Fatigue' that was non-existent before.

While video conferences calls have become a norm now, one of the most underrated skills to master in current scenario is one's writing skills.

#Writing has become a default way to connect with colleagues. Be it responding by slack messages, chat apps, writing emails or taking meeting notes, Writing is turning out to be a crucial skill in these times.

In the quest to figure out the ways to consistently improve writing, I quite liked this twitter thread by Shreyas Doshi

For clear writing, answer these questions

-What Am I Really Trying To Say
-Why Should People Care
-What Is The Most Important Point
-What Is The Easiest Way To Understand The Most Important Point
-How Do I Want The Reader To Feel
-What Should The Reader Do Next

My Sketch summary here.

What are the writing tips that have worked well for you ?

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