Thursday, January 18, 2024


The Asian Games kicked off today with a breathtaking opening ceremony. While watching the expert analysis, I was struck by the words of Indian sporting legend Viren Rasquinha, former India Hockey captain and now the CEO of OGQ (Olympic Gold Olympic Gold Quest). When asked what advice he would give to Indian athletes, he said:

- Have fun,
- Pressure is a privilege, and
- Have the courage to win.

Ever since I heard the phrase 'pressure is a privilege,' it has stayed with me, echoing in my thoughts. You might wonder: What does this even mean? How can pressure, widely regarded as a source of stress, be considered a privilege?

In my mind, the phrase "pressure is a privilege" beautifully reframes the challenges and stress associated with high-stakes situations as opportunities rather than burdens. For a top athlete, feeling pressure usually means they're in a situation that matters—a championship game, a decisive moment, and so on. It's a scenario many aspire to but few actually experience; hence, it's a privilege.

The concept of "pressure is a privilege" can be similarly empowering in a work environment. If you're under pressure, it often means you're in a role where your decisions and actions have a significant impact. For instance, if you're leading a critical project with tight deadlines, rather than viewing the situation as stress-inducing, seeing it as a privilege can help you reframe the experience in a positive light. It's an opportunity to showcase your skills, leadership, and ability to deliver results.

Do you believe that embracing pressure as a privilege could change your outlook on challenges?

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