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A while ago, I read Gary Kasparov's book "Deep Thinking," which discussed the evolution of chess and technology that helped shape some of my thinking. In the mid-80s, Kasparov was one of the first chess players to play a computer in a public setting and comfortably beat the machine. However, in ~1999 he lost for the first time against IBM's Deep Blue, leading people to write obituaries for both Kasparov's supremacy and chess as a sport. Today, the champions like Magnus Carlson leverages computers to improve his skills.

Chess has seen the evolution of humans beating computers, computers beating humans, and finally, humans and computers working together.

As the saying goes, "To know where you're headed, understand where you came from." While knowing history is an effective way to connect the dots and anticipate the future, it's not the only way. As we continue to witness rapid advances in the Gen AI space, a new and exciting way is emerging to help us understand the space: through the use of thought-provoking metaphors by influential thinkers and leaders.

Recently, I sketched these metaphors and am sharing them below (These are shared by various thought-leaders, I have been introduced to most of these via Jaspreet Bindra's session/posts)

#1 English is the new coding

With the IT revolution, coding became the new language of success. Today, with the emergence of LLMs like ChatGPT, the ability to use language and prompts is becoming the new essential skill, making English the new coding.

#2 Chat is the new search

With the integration of Generative AI models into search engines like Google and Bing, search is becoming more conversational and less reliant on keywords. As a result, it's possible that chat-based interfaces will eventually become the new way we search for information.

#3 AI won't replace you, a person using AI will

By augmenting human intelligence, AI can help us solve problems faster and more effectively than ever before, adding tremendous value to our work. Rather than competing with AI, we must learn to harness its power to our advantage, unleashing new possibilities.

#4 The amount of intelligence in the universe will double every 18 months

This idea is based on the assumption that as technology continues to advance at an exponential rate, it is able to process information at lightning-fast speeds. This opens up new avenues for analyzing and utilizing vast amounts of data, leading to exciting breakthroughs in scientific research, and beyond.

#5 Generative AI is the new cloud

Large foundation models like GPT4, Bard, etc. will be built by the BigTechs, on which thousands of startups will build specialized products; much like SaaS and other startups built their companies on the BigTech clouds.

#6 Google is a search engine, ChatGPT is a thought engine

Google helps us find stuff. ChatGPT helps you think & create stuff

Which of these metaphors resonate the most with you?

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