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Legendary cricketer Sunil Gavaskar made his Test debut in the 1970-71 series against the mighty West Indies. He didn't play in the first test match, and a player named Kenia Jayantilal, who was rated higher than Gavaskar at the time, made his debut instead. Kenia played one inning in that match and was caught out in the slips when Garry Sobers took a stunning diving catch. As a result, Gavaskar got a chance in the second match. Early in his innings (in the 2nd match), he nicked the ball, which went straight to Garry Sobers. Due to a momentary lapse in concentration, Sobers dropped the catch, and Gavaskar survived. He went on to score two half-centuries in his debut and cemented his place on the team.

Gavaskar later described the turn of events with one word: LUCK. He says that had Garry caught him, he might never have been selected again.

Gavaskar's experience can be considered a case of blind luck. Utkarsh Kumar Rai discusses "4 Types of Luck: Learn to cultivate & become lucky in a proven way" in his video describing blind luck as something entirely random and beyond your control.

Utkarsh Kumar Rai's professional life is an embodiment of the wisdom he shares in this video. Being my professional coach at one stage and a constant source of inspiration, I was fortunate to gain insight into his mindset and way of thinking. His story exemplifies successful career reinvention. He has made many career shifts, from being the Managing Director of a tech company to becoming a fitness influencer, expert, and YouTube creator, and a successful author.

One transition that fascinates me the most is his shift from being a tech leader to a Bollywood actor. He left his three-decade-long career at its peak to try his hand at acting in Mumbai. He created his own luck through rigorous training and by visiting casting directors' offices to give introductory videos and auditions. This kind of luck, which Utkarsh calls "luck by motion," comes from your own efforts. One such introductory video with a casting director earned him a role as a judge in the Bollywood blockbuster movie "Batla House." An amazing transformation, isn't it?
Do watch and subscribe to his YouTube channel here and get inspired.

We normally are generous in recognizing our skills, abilities for success we achieve but often do not give enough credit to the role luck plays in our career & our lives.

Here's a sketchnote summary of the video I referred

Do you think you can really influence your luck?

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