Sunday, November 29, 2020


 Here's a real life story-

In 1986, the Challenger Spacecraft was launched but it exploded 73 seconds post liftoff. Much of the research that went into finding actual reasons for the crash points to the lack of communication between NASA and the contractor responsible for the component that failed, Morton Thiokil, Inc (MTI). Almost 2 years before the fatal launch, MTI tested to confirm that the O-ring was not reliable, particularly when temperatures dropped below 53 degrees. Yet the launch was not delayed. The researchers say- the people around the table were afraid to express their doubts or even to ask questions that they had determined before entering the room that morning that they would ask.

This is a form of Authority Approval Bias that Shreyas Doshi explains in his blog-
It is the tendency to attribute greater accuracy to the opinion of an authority figure and be more influenced by that opinion.

The blog includes 6 more biases on why products usually fails-
-The Execution Orientation Fallacy
-The Bias-for-Building Fallacy
-The IKEA Effect for products
-The Focusing Illusion for products
-Maslow’s Hammer
-Russian Roulette for products

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