Sunday, November 29, 2020


 Trillion Dollar Coach is a wonderful book not just because of the rich knowledge within it but also about the fact that it is written by Eric Schmidt,Jonathan Rosenberg & Alan Eagle to celebrate the learnings from arguably the Silicon Valley's greatest coach Bill Campbell. An ultimate act of showing respect.

One particular lesson that caught my attention is that Bill used to practice 'Free-form listening', which is about paying careful & undivided attention to the person you are dealing with,really listening carefully. Only then do you go into the issue.There's an order to it.

If one were to make a list of underrated professional skills, Listening would make somewhere closer to the top. How does one practice mindful listening ?

No easy answers here but thoughts shared by Prakash Iyer here- quite resonated with me. Key points below and in my #sketchnote

1 Don’t multi-task
2 Listen with your ears. & your eyes too
3 Don’t fill in the blanks
4 Don’t think about how to respond while you are #listening
5 If you disagree with what’s being said, try and understand the opposing point of view
6 Engage. Clarify. Repeat.
7 Don’t interrupt. Let them finish
8 Get comfortable with keeping your mouth shut

How do you practice listening ?

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