Sunday, November 29, 2020


 In his book- 'Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World', David Epstein shares contrasting anecdotes leading to the ascent of Tiger Woods & Roger Federer. At the age of 2, Woods appeared on TV, driving a golf ball. His father recognized his talent & nurtured it heavily over the coming years.

Federer tried many different sports when he was a kid: Squash, basketball, handball, tennis etc., His indulgences in these led him to discover his love for tennis in his teens.

These stories tells me 2 things-
1.There is really no single path to achieve greatness in one's career
2.Every career journey is unique and offers distinctive learnings if we choose to learn from them

I recently went through an amazing podcast on #career management between Rohit Kaila & Dr. Ajay Nangalia PCC (link:, found it hugely relevant, sharing my summary via the sketchnote.

My favorite: Tips from Doug McMillan, CEO of Walmart

1. Do a great job of whatever is given to you. Never underestimate the value of the work given to you.
2. Always do more than what is given to you. Always expand the scope of work.
3. Do it as a team. If you do it as a team your applicability for growth becomes better.

What are some of your influential career learnings?

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