Sunday, November 29, 2020


 Loved this anecdote from the Netflix's documentary- 'Inside Bill’s Brain'

Bill Gates started taking “think weeks” in the 1990s. During "think weeks", he spent time buried in books and technical papers, reading, writing, and thinking about the world at large and the role he can play in improving it.

In a recent interview Bill said " Since I retired from Microsoft in 2008, I don't have to do it necessarily as one block, a week at a time, but I do set aside lots of days, and then I say, “Did I write the memo that I intended to write?" The act of writing-when you try to explain it to someone else-is where you really are forced to think things through and not be sloppy in your thinking."

Writing effectively is indeed a way to untangle your mind and can help you make a better thinker. While remote working becoming a norm now, #Writing has become a default way to connect with colleagues. Be it responding by slack messages, chat apps, writing emails or taking meeting notes, writing is turning out to be a crucial skill in these times.

On improving one's writing skills, I quite liked the tips shared by Tathagat Varma in this blog

Would recommend reading through it. For summary, catch my #sketchnote below

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