Sunday, December 29, 2019

The 5 Personas of Product Management

Which #ProductManagement persona do you like playing the most?

Given the breadth of Product Manager role, it is one of the toughest roles to slice and dice and define the boundaries for. PMs, by virtue of the diverse job description, perform a wide variety of activities.

Recently came across and quite liked the perspective shared by Jason Shen (he/him) in his talk titled: The 5 Personas of Product Management.

He introduces a 2×2 which includes the metaphors such as tree (tactical day to day stuff) and forest (big picture perspective) on one side, head (logical thinking) abd heart (empathy, people skills) on the other. And it results in 4(+1) roles as below:

EXPLORER: focused outward on how the product fits into the market and underlying trends.

TECHNICIAN: focused on the critical details of the product-tech, design, metrics, bugs.

ORGANIZER: ability to track people, projects and priorities

ADVOCATE: cares about the picture, but from the story, advocacy perspective.

and there's one more persona:

SHERPA: an analogy between #ProductManagement and climbing a mountain. As a product leader, you are supporting a group of people that is climbing the mountain.

Would recommend watching the talk :

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