Tuesday, December 31, 2019

PREPARING FOR FUTURE OF WORK: Dreamers and Unicorns podcast Summary- Abhijit Bhaduri and Ravi Venkatesan

I recently got a chance to go through Abhijit Bhaduri's Dreamers and Unicorns podcast with Ravi Venkatesan (former Microsoft India CEO). During my executive management graduation time, i had a great opportunity to be face-to-face with Ravi as he taught us a subject based on his book- 'Conquering the Chaos' (about the playbook of doing business in India).

I have been positively influenced with Ravi especially the clarity of thoughts he brings in on myriad of subjects. In the podcast with Abhijit, he shared his views on the theme- 'Workspaces of the future'.

I learned a tons of stuff from this podcast and organized my learnings in these 3 buckets:

1. Preparing for future of work
2. Advice to professionals
3. Leadership lessons

This blog is about sharing the summary of first category- Preparing for future of work.

Section Summary from the podcast:


  • In early days, we had jobs, then entrepreneurship and now gigs.
  • We are moving from a world of linear change to an exponential change.
  • Analogy:
  • In my father's generation, you entered a tunnel and emerged 35 years later in to retirement.
  • In my generation, you have to probably navigate around 3 tunnels.
  • In today's times, you have to navigate a maze. The game has changed profoundly.
  • There is no such thing as a long term job and a predictable career.
  • Life is essentially a set of projects, gigs.
  • When one gig ends, don't feel bad about it, think about what's next.
  • Focus on your skills and the reputation capital, things will be fine.

  • Think like a freelancer, think like an entrepreneur, think about self employment.
  • If you are intentional about your ideas and think of experimenting, you will eventually find out what your path is.
  • The beginning can be quite unsettling.

  • Love the idea of Zen mind or a beginners mind. Always nurture your childlike mind.
  • At any given time, take one area where you are a complete beginner. That keeps your mind active and alive.Repeatedly put yourself out of comfort zone by taking on fresh challenges.

  • Dreams better change with time.
  • Everything that I have done is in preparation of what I am to do next.
  • Figuring the highest value use of me.
  • Too many people park their dream, they don't pursue it.
  • Life is uncertain, you shouldn't postpone your dream.
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