Monday, December 30, 2019

Demystifying Microapps Terminology

recently announced the general availability of new features within Citrix® Workspace™ including an intelligent feed and personalized workflows designed to simplify work by eliminating digital noise and automating meaningless tasks so that employees can focus on their core jobs and be their best. One of the core enablers of the intelligent feed is an innovative concept we call as microapps. hashtagMicroapps are small, task-specific applications that deliver highly targeted functionality. As an example, instead of you having to navigate through the monolithic app to submit a PTO, microapps allows you to bring just the portion of functionality you need in your feed. If you are a developer, this announcement should excite you. Why ?
Because you can leverage your skills to help connect Citrix hashtagWorkspace to legacy, homegrown and cloud based systems and create engaging micro applications and micro automation using low-code tooling.
This was the focus of Citrix Converge developer conference that was launched in Oct 2019 and there are more exciting stuff lined up. Before you build microapps, it's apt to get familiar with the key terms and concepts.
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