Sunday, December 29, 2019

How to deliver mesmirising and impactful speech

One of the new endeavors that i took in the last few weeks is to join IIMB Orators club. I was a part of toastmasters club at my organization a few years back and somehow had to discontinue being a part of it due to competing priorities.

Public speaking is a well researched subject. There's already a lot of relevant stuff available. While on one hand, it is easier to consume such stuff but at the same time, it is hard to teach public speaking in a distinctive way.
That's why I valued a short talk conducted by toastmaster Tony V Francis in the recent IIMB Orators meeting. His approach towards was this session was refreshing and the content shared quite unique.
Sharing summary of key learnings (notes courtesy- toastmasters Chandana R and Anantha L):


  • Public speaking is about winning hearts
  • Public speakers are performers
  • For you to be a good actor you have to loosen up
    • We as public speakers have licence to dramatise
  • LCD if there’s no laugh no cry no drama, don’t give the speech
  • A good speech does not preach or moralise - it connects and resonates 

  • Storytelling using pearls from your life.
  • Every story is about conflict and resolution
  • Suspense/ Bad situations make for better stories - things can always get worse - audience will probably like it anyways
  • Intensity and obstacle: most good stories are about a protagonist wanting something and having difficulty getting it
  • Always find a unique story for any toastmasters contest
    • From personal experiences
    • Otherwise it won’t be natural
    • You will always be worried what the audience thinks if it’s a researched story
  • We always believe that truth has to be told on the stage, it need not be like that
  • The properties of people and the properties of character in a story are never alike. Intensity is different
  • We hold back thinking this is not what actually happened
  • Forget that you will make a fool of myself
  • There’s a difference between performance and testimony

My Sketchnote Summary:

Update on 22nd-Jan-2020:
Glad that my sketchnote got featured in December edition of IIMB Orators newsletter. Copy accessible from below:

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