Sunday, September 26, 2021


 The ongoing Tennis Grand Slam, French Open, is jinxed in a way. Quite a few top players had to leave the tournament. Notable among those- Roger Federer and Naomi Osaka.

Roger withdrew due to injury concerns post his 2 knee surgeries.

Naomi pulled out after taking a stand against press conferences as a source of anxiety and stress for her.

Summarizing in 2 sentences, the learnings for us professionals-
Listen to your body. Listen to your mind.

Out of these, imperfect mental health is often referred as an invisible illness. An invisible illness is the one that does not exhibit externally visible signs or symptoms. In my opinion, Naomi displayed an extraordinary courage and self-awareness to acknowledge her mental health condition in public and took action. Most of us professionals, in the daily hustle bustle of life, go unawares on these issues or simply choose to ignore the signs our mind is giving us.

How do we minimize the mental health issues ?
Utkarsh Rai is his phenomenal video- Covid-19 VACCINE for MIND, one Jab for MENTAL HEALTH gives a refreshing perspective, and conveniently applicable solutions to minimize the mental health occurrences.
Would highly recommend going through this ~5 min video.

In summary, Utkarsh refers that "In the last 1 decade, voice traffic has grown mere 88% but the data traffic has grown 14000% as per Ericsson's data". The ubiquity of the data traffic has led to changing behaviors in humans. We have started to text more, talk less. And this behavior change has led to emotions being bottled up (sending emojis is not equal to sending emotions) causing the mental health issues to implode in recent times. He makes a welcome suggestion (and offer strategies) to pick up phone and talk more than simply choosing to text.

My summary of this insightful video with sane advices in the sketchnote below.

What do you think ?


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