Sunday, September 26, 2021


 Over a period of more than a year after work went online, most of us professionals have reasonably figured out routines that works. But the adjustment to the new way of working isn't limited to routines, it is also about embracing new modes of communication and skills.

I was quite fascinated on reading about the concept of 'Digital Body Language' in Erica Dhawan- Author, Digital Body Language 's book by the same name.
The premise of this book is that humans rely on body language to connect and build trust, but with most of our communication now happening from behind a screen, traditional body language signals are no longer visible. The new signals and cues like how an email is written, liking a post, using emoji, responding promptly etc. have replaced traditional body language

In summary, Digital Body Language is so incredibly relevant now, something that cannot be ignored. Of it's many constituents, writing skills especially have become quite important in the digital work era.

Like building any muscle, one must constantly hone writing skills to positively augment one's Digital Body Language. How does one nurture writing skills ?

There is a plethora of advice/books available on this subject but i quite liked the ideas shared by David Perell here

Summary of key ideas included in my sketchnote. My favorite points:
1. Painters look at lots of art, musicians listen to lots of music, and writers read all the time. Read to collect ideas and get inspired.
2. Learn from the writers who inspire you. Study their tricks and imitate them. Paradoxically, imitating them will help you develop your own style.

How do you build your writing muscle ? Do share your ideas in comments.

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