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 One of the most influential artists of 20th Century, Pablo Picasso, once admitted that he would not have delivered on some of his best work had it not been for another craftsman from France- Henri Matisse. Matisse, in turn, also felt the same about Picasso.

Picasso commented, “No one has ever looked at Matisse’s painting more carefully than I; and no one has looked at mine more carefully than he.” Matisse acknowledged Picasso as a partner on his march toward modernity, and borrowed from Picasso’s style.

Though they were rivals, both Matisse and Picasso leveraged their presence to make each other better.

Whether we like it or not competitive relationships show up naturally at work.
Is it necessarily a bad thing ?

Jenny M Fernandez, MBA, 费 珍妮 and Luis Velasquez MBA, PhD. in their outstanding Harvard Business Review article titled "5 Relationships You Need to Build a Successful Career" ( mention that:

"When used correctly, it (Competition)can serve as a motivation to hone and improve your skills and lead to improved performance, breakthrough ideas, and a greater drive to get things done."

They go on to further outline 5 relationships that one needs to build a successful career. They are:

1. The Mentor: Think of a mentor as the north star that will keep you on track when you’re feeling lost at work.

2. The Sponsor: You are not going to ascend in any organization without a sponsor.

3. The Partner: finding a partner is similar to finding a co-founder. You want a person who will fill the gaps in your working style.

4. The Competitor: The idea is to win, not win over.

5. The Mentee: “If you want to master something, teach it.” At work, having a mentee serves this purpose — it allows you to be the teacher.

Have included the summary of the rich perspectives shared in this article in my sketchnote. Would highly recommend reading through it.

Which of the work relationships resonate the most with you ?

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