Sunday, March 28, 2021


 One of the standout stories of the ongoing India's tour of Australia is that of Indian fast bowler T. Natarajan. He had an excellent IPL season where he became known for the niche skill of bowling yorkers. As a result, he was selected for the tour as a net bowler, whose primarily role would be to help batsmen practice.

First stroke of luck- one of the rookie bowlers got injured & as a result Natarajan got included in T20s & played all the matches.
Next up,when one of the ODI bowlers complained of back spasms, Natarajan again got a look in for ODIs as a back-up bowler and made his debut.
And more recently in the ongoing 4th test match when most of the team got injured, Natarajan was selected to represent India in tests.

From being a net bowler to playing all formats for India within 44 days is nothing short of a fairy tale and something i wish many cricketers and professionals experience in their lives.

Though it can be thought of as the case of being at the right place at the right time, one must not also forget all the accolades and resultant luck only followed once he demonstrated exceptional skills & delivered results.

Can you really influence your luck?

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