Sunday, December 27, 2020


 I recently got a chance to go through Abhijit Bhaduri's Dreamers and Unicorns podcast with Ravi Venkatesan. During my executive management graduation time, i had a great opportunity to be face-to-face with Ravi as he taught us a subject based on his book- 'Conquering the Chaos' .

I valued the thoughts shared in this podcast for the clarity, depth and relevance of the conversation. Sharing the summary of what i could capture below (and via the #sketchnote)

Evolution of Jobs:
- In my father's generation, you entered a tunnel and emerged 35 years later in to retirement. Then, you have to probably navigate around 3 tunnels.
- In today's times, you have to navigate a maze. The game has changed profoundly.

The Beginner's mindset:
- Love the idea of Zen mind or a beginners mind. Always nurture your childlike mind.
- At any given time, take one area where you are a complete beginner. That keeps your mind active and alive.Repeatedly put yourself out of comfort zone by taking on fresh challenges.
- Focus on your skills and the reputation capital.

About Dreams:
- Too many people park their dream, they don't pursue it.
- Life is uncertain, you shouldn't postpone your dream.

Which of the thoughts resonated the most with you ?

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