Sunday, December 27, 2020


 Here's a story of Abhinav Bindra and his efforts to become India’s only individual Olympic Gold medallist

In Athens 2004, he came a disappointing 7th in the Olympics final after shooting what he thought was a perfect game. Only much later did he find out that the lane position he was allotted had a loose tile underfoot, which reverberated every time he shot. In a game of micrometers, it mattered a lot. Months later, he had 2 obvious choices- one, quit the sport, or two, carry on & accept the incident as ‘bad luck’. He rather chose the 3rd option. He chose the quest for adaptability- to try & be perfect on an imperfect day. He started training under deliberately imperfect conditions, even installing a lose tile in his home range & practicing regularly while standing on it. He trained under low lights & bright lights, adjusted bulbs & added shadows, painted the walls the same colours as the relevant Olympic ranges.

Rather than accepting his fate & blaming luck, he chose the path of most resistance & simulated the unlikeliest of match situations in his quest for perfection.

"I must do something" always solves more problems than "Something must be done"
(source: Thanks Rohit Kaila for an inspirational share)

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