Sunday, December 27, 2020


 One of the most endearing images for me in IPL 2020 was that of the veteran spinner Imran Tahir giving lesson on spin bowling to young Riyan Parag after CSK vs RR match (here- Riyan is probably half the age of Imran and both belong to opposite teams. This not only tells us about the magic that boundarylessness creates but also about the power of pure mentorship.

Another story that i am fascinated by is that of Julius Yego. Julius Yego is a Kenyan track and field athlete who competes in the Javelin throw. He won World Championships gold medal in 2015. He also won silver at the 2016 Summer Olympics. But Yego’s claim to uniqueness isn’t just that. He is also nick-named as “Mr. YouTube” because he learned how to throw by watching YouTube videos. He reached the highest level by being insanely driven and learning on his own but at the later stages in his evolution he took to formal mentor and coaches.

Even if you are a rookie in your field or a successful pro, having the right mentor at right time adds immense value. The moot question becomes "How to find a mentor". I quite liked simple ideas shared in this tweet on finding a mentor which i loved to sketch.

How have you leveraged mentorship in your career ?

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