Sunday, September 27, 2020

Most Challenging Aspects of Product Management

 ISPMA post:

In the book "The One Thing", the authors narrate a story about Steve Jobs, excerpt below:

"No one knew how to go small better than Steve Jobs. He was famously as proud of the products he didn't pursue as he was of the transformative products Apple created. In the two years after his return in 1999, he took the company from 350 products to ten. That's 340 nos, not counting anything else during that period.”

In the product school of that Jobs represented, Innovation was all about saying 'No' often and always be in the edit mode till something desirable, viable and feasible emerged. So, courage to say 'No' is certainly one of the challenges that Product Managers face.

What is the most challenging aspect of Product Management, according to you ?

Here from Harvinder Singh Narula

1. Draw a Clear Product Strategy
2. Understand "Whom", "Why", "What", "How: part of your product.
3. Prioritizing your plans. Determine where you want to start.

Please share your thoughts.

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