Sunday, September 27, 2020

Critical Success Factors for a SaaS Product

I have been volunteering with ISPMA for a while now. Among the things i work with awesome team at ISPMA on, are the weekly product management posts. These gets posted at the ISPMA LinkedIn channel. I enjoy writing these and been grateful for the opportunity to be able to do so.

I will be resharing some of these posts in my channel here:

ISPMA post:

Susan Wojcicki (CEO) and Cristos Goodrow (VP Engineering) in the book 'Measure What Matters' share an interesting anecdote-

By 2011, YouTube's way of measuring success needed some work. Employees had created different versions of the OKRs but the top-level objectives weren't as crystal clear. A lot of thinking then was influenced bythe model prevalent with the Google search i.e. measuring clicks and views.

It took some time for YouTube leadership to realize that clicks and views aren't as effective measures for videos as is the watch time. As Satya Nadella once said- "the true scarce commdity is increasingly is human attention."

Given the legacy (Google Search), it took time for Susan and Cristos to drive this change but eventully they convinced everyone and embarked upon multi-year goal of 'Reach 1 billion hours of watch time per day by..."

Applicable generically, and more specifically for SaaS products, how we articulate and measure success is paramount ?

What you do think are the critical success factors of a SaaS product ?

From B2B enterprise software angle we have Sindhu Gangadharan, MD & SVP, SAP Labs talking about the critical success factors of a SaaS product:

1. Customer acquisition & retention cost

2. Time taken to customer value

3. Building the required agility 

4. Leveraging the technology 

What are your views?

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