Sunday, September 27, 2020

Building Products for India's Context

 ISPMA Post:

In the book- 'Disrupt Yourself’, there is an interesting story of how 'Intuit Fasal', an agriculture solution created for Indian Farmers came to life.

One of Intuit's product team was given a mandate to change the life of 1.2 billion Indians. As the team started chatting with farmers, they figured out that farmers had a challenge of access to information. Due to this, farmers were selling their produce to farm market (mandi) owners at whatever price that was quoted.

The team started small and adopted a low cost, highly iterative approach by manually seeking the prices and texting it to the farmers on their mobile. They eventually came with up an easy-to-use, text message-based platform that uses complex matching algorithms to help the farmers get the best prices.

This story tells us that to win in local Indian market, one needs to accurately define the problem, embrace constraints, use #MVP approach to test the solution.

Here, in this video, Parag Patankar suggests compelling thoughts to build India focused products. Two of the ideas:
1. Exposure to the market
2. Formal ecosystem for the talent pool

How are you contributing to India's product aspirations as a product managers ?

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