Saturday, May 30, 2020

What can Product Managers do to prepare for Post-Covid world ?

With the world around us still working to get a grip on the disruption caused by Covid-19,there is also a parallel thought process emerging around how the world post-Covid will look like.

While it is quite evident that we should be keeping eyes,ears open for unexpected new opportunities that would emerge, it is equally looking certain that consumer behavior and market/competitive landscape will undergo a massive change in the near term.

So what can #productmanagers do now to prepare for the business world that's approaching?

In the quest to find the answer to this,I found this interview of Marty Cagan with Adrienne Tan quite relevant.Marty touches the right chords and brings forward some actionable thoughts.My #sketchnote has the summary of this insightful discussion & you can read in full here-

Not changing the context here, I also find the below product perspective by Jeff Bezos super-relevant and an ageless wisdom-

"I very frequently get the question: "what's going to change in he next 10 years?"

I almost never get the question: "what's not going to change in the next 10 years?"

I submit to you that the 2nd question is actually more important of the two."

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